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No boots on the ground, no mud, your survey straight on your PC

SMART SURVEY is a solution developed by a team of professional surveyors.

SMART SURVEY is an innovative way to get high-precision topography applying your professional skills on a three-dimensional model obtained either by photos captured via RPAS or through point cloud data collected by laser scanner or LIDAR.

Not only photogrammetry, not only cartography, not just 3D models, but a REAL and accurate topography.

With SMART SURVEY you can create surveys on many hectares remaining on field less than an hour. SMART SURVEY is a powerful photogrammetric software specifically designed for Surveyors that allow you to choose points and lines you want to include in your survey in the set-up process before running the job.Volume computations, contour lines, profiles, road projects and much more are the results of few clicks of your mouse!

All our products are made and tested every day from people working in your same field!!!

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